Allied Yacht and Ship was preceded by our sister company Professional Yacht Partners. 

Professional Yacht Partners in 1998, was the first in the industry to create and manage private professional yacht partnerships. 

From yacht selection to individual partnership sales to yacht partnership management we put a professional shape on every aspect creating a simple, easy and economical opportunity for people interested in the yachting experience without any of the burdens and responsibilities at only a small fraction of the cost.

Our proprietary professional yacht partnership offerings are a comprehensive contract based prospectus that has worked through all the bugs and problems normally associated with private yacht partnerships.

While we don’t profess that our professional yacht partnerships are the perfect solution for all yachtsmen and women, we do offer an excellent opportunity to own and enjoy the yachting lifestyle.  

Some whom utilize our professional partnership services are people who live out of the area, corporations or individuals whom often charter, people whom aren’t comfortable committing 100% of the funds necessary to own outright, older people that enjoy having crew onboard, or even people whom are new to yachting that appreciate having seasoned and educated maritime professionals handle all the aspects of yacht ownership and operations. 

Whether brand new to boating or a seasoned yachtsman, Professional Yacht Partners makes yacht ownership an affordable and carefree opportunity to enjoy all that the yachting lifestyle has to offer without any of the burdensome and costly responsibilities. All at only a fraction of the cost of individual ownership. 

 When it’s time to change course and steer your life in a different direction, Professional Yacht Partners, together with Allied Yacht & Ship, will easily resell your ownership share where you will enjoy the 75% reduction in capitol investment depreciation loss compared to conventional individual ownership based on a 4 owner partnership.

We look forward to sharing all the cost savings and other benefits associated with being an yacht owner with Professional Yacht Partners.

Contact us and see what beautiful yacht you will be yachting aboard this season.



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